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Into the Cauldron – A Pacific Extremes video

A new video from Ken Hanley – Catalina yellowtail action with Vaughn Podmore and John […]

Kelp Paddy Fly Gear

This is part 4 of a 5 part series. In previous posts in this series, we covered why kelp […]

Kelp Paddy Fishing Techniques

In our previous posts on this topic, we talked about why kelp paddies are important […]

Small Boat Safety Offshore – Part III

Man Overboard! The vast majority of fatalities in boating occur from a person falling overboard. […]

Urban Salt – A Pacific Extremes Video

From our buddy Ken Hanley: Urban Salt

Get Connected! Some Extras

In our previous posts, we covered a bunch of topics on rigging salt water fly […]

Get Connected! Details

There are many ways to rig fly tackle, none of which are the perfect solution […]

Tips on Finding Paddies

Here are some tips on finding kelp paddies, once you’re on the water. This is […]

Connecting with Kelp Paddies

In Southern California, a large part of summertime offshore fishing is hitting kelp paddies. This […]

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