Over the years, we’ve accumulated a bunch of documents, forms and templates that might be of use to you.

Please feel free to download and use them. Update them and improve them. We just ask that if you publish them somewhere else, that you give us appropriate credit. Thanks!

Oh…and by the way – if you do improve it, please send us a copy! We’re always looking for ways to do things better.
Documents, Forms and Templates

Boating Documents, Forms and Templates

Vessel Log:  Microsoft Word| Adobe Acrobat format

Float Plan:  Microsoft Word | Adobe Acrobat

Pre-trip Checklist:  Microsoft Word | Adobe Acrobat

Trip Day Checklist:  Microsoft Word | Adobe Acrobat

Emergency Operating Instruction:  Microsoft Word | Adobe Acrobat

VHF Radio Channels for Southern California:  Microsoft Word | Adobe Acrobat

Fishing Documents, Formats, and Templates

IGFA Fly Rod Record Matrix:  Microsoft Word | Adobe Acrobat

California Game Import Forms: Adobe Acrobat