San Clemente Overcast - a long way away from home!

San Clemente Island’s East end, about 10 miles out

No surprise – running a small boat offshore can be hazardous. But three things – advanced electronics, reliable outboard motors, and marine towing services – have made the risks more acceptable. Add in a heavy dose of caution, common sense, and time on the water, and you’re about as well prepared as you can hope to be…


In this series of articles, we cover a bunch of topics that people venturing offshore in small boats need to think about.

Safety Defined

For purposes of discussion, we will define safety as:

“The ability to embark on a trip and return to port with the vessel afloat and crew unhurt”

This includes both boating and fishing issues.

Please note that this is NOT a discussion of general or basic marine safety. There are a number of sources for this kind of information, including the US Power Squadron, the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, and reams of printed and on-line material.

In these articles we assume that you’re already familiar with basic rules of the road, coastal seamanship, and how to operate your skiff, so we’ll be focused on issues specific to fishing offshore from small open boats.

In this series: