Capt. Dave Trimble is one of a handful of SoCal Saltwater Fly Fishing guides

Capt. Dave Trimble with a log Pacific Barracuda

There aren’t a lot of guides or sport boats that cater to coastal or offshore fly fishermen in Southern California. But the few that do are top-notch fishermen, like Capt. Dave Trimble (shown here with a log barracuda caught off San Diego).

Here’s the most comprehensive list we could come up with, but if you are a guide or sportboat operator who would like to be listed, please contact us with your particulars: [email protected]


San Diego Options

Capt. Conway Bowman
On the Fly Fishing Charters: Capt. Dave Trimble, Capt. Jack Vincent, Capt. Lou Fodor
Risen Tide Sportfishing: Capt. Eric Risen
San Diego Salt Water Fly Fishing: Capt. Mark Martin, (619) 775-2283
The Fly Stop

Orange County Resources

Salty Fly Guide Service: Capt. Vaughn Podmore
Glen Ueda (951) 203-1405, [email protected]

Los Angeles Services

FlyTime Guide Service: Capt. Bill Matthews, (310) 924-1359

Oxnard and Points North Sport Boats

Island Tak Sportfishing (Channel Island Sportfishing): Capt. John Fuqua