These are sites that we look at a lot, along with our subjective opinions on various aspects of the content. Don’t like our opinions? Have you got one you think should be on the list? If so,
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Message Boards

Board Focus Web Site Comments
Ocean Fishing Boats Bloody Decks Private Boaters ForumUseful websites - Bloody Decks Outdoors Many knowledgeable posters, can get wild. Mostly uncensored.
The Hull Truth message boardsUseful websites - The Hull Truth A very popular site, lots of people not afraid to voice their opinions and experiences.
Western Salt Water Fly Fishing Dan Blanton’s Bulletin BoardUseful websites - Dan is a well known outdoor writer, and a recent inductee into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame. Very, very experienced crew of posters, including several world record holders, with occasional appearances from “Right Coast” people like Lefty Kreh, Bob Popovics, and Bob Clouser. Dan manages the threads with an iron hand, and insists on civil behavior.
Billfishing Southern California Marlin OnlineUseful websites - Bart Miller, Peter Pakula, and many other luminaries of the marlin world put in regular appearances. Need I say more?


Fishing Reference Sites

Website Focus Web Site Comments
Small Boat,
General Fishing Offshore
Peter Pakula’s ScrapbookUseful websites - Peter Pakula Peter Pakula is a well know offshore fisherman, and made his early mark fishing for big game from small boats. His personal website has a bunch of great articles that BTB readers will enjoy. Just look in the section titled “Articles”
Billfishing Southern California Marlin OnlineUseful websites - See above comments


Boating Reference Sites

Website Focus Web Site Comments
 General Boating DocksideReports.comUseful websites - David Pascoe has some excellent information on boating, boat construction, etc.
All things E-TEC E-TEC Owner’s Forums A large group of dedicated E-TEC owners, dealers and mechanics. Very knowledgeable people!
Boat Reviews BoatTest.comUseful websites - The best thing about this site are the boat test videos. They also have tables of test results, like fuel consumption and other performance items.
Boating Industry BoatingIndustry.comUseful websites - Boating Industry A free site that has a lot of industry-related stories. Includes yachting and PWC stuff, too, so this may not be a site for you.
Survival Gear Equipped To SurviveUseful websites - Equipped to Survive An independent organization which tests survival gear like EPIRBS, survival knives, etc. Very useful.
Ropes & Knots New England RopesUseful websites - New England Ropes New England Ropes is one of the market leaders. This is a great site for not only product info, but also instructions on knots and splices. A little hard to navigate for certain things, click HERE to access the rope splicing page.
Charts US NOAA Raster Navigation Chart PageUseful websites - NOAA Raster charts Up-to-date official raster chart files that can be viewed and printed on your computer.