Sunrise somewhere offshore - a reason to go offshore

It’s been a long 4 years for us, but we’re finally back. Here’s what’s happening with Beyond The Breakwater and Ocean Skiff Journal:

BTB and OSJ have been combined under the “Beyond The Breakwater” brand. OSJ was mostly about “how to get out there”, and BTB was mostly about “what to do once you got there”, but there was a lot of overlap, and we spent a fair amount of time posting similar content in both sites.

The new website has been redesigned to be more phone and tablet friendly, but it still works pretty well with Macs and PCs. We will probably deliver a real app sometime down the road, but not right now.

The website will be mainly a repository for information that we want to keep around for a while. Things that have a useful time limit on them (news, events, fishing reports) will be (mostly) handled on our social media pages on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube  and Pinterest. We’re also going to be shifting a bit to do more video, and less text.

Coverage is being expanded to include more conventional gear / crossover fishing. Most of us do both, even if we prefer fly fishing, so why deny it? To support this, we got rid of the “FF” and have a new website address in the “fishing” domain. We recommend that you update any bookmarks to point to the new address:

We haven’t migrated all of the old content over yet. That will happen over time, as we are updating stories are they come across, as well as adding new content. You might be surprised at how many articles have been published in BTB and OSJ. Lots of good stuff, hopefully you will discover (or rediscover) something of value as we go along.

Anyway, that’s it in 300 words or so. Our focus was/is/will always be on outreach & getting more people to try the sport, so do us a favor: come back often, “Like” our stories and posts, engage us on our social media pages, and most importantly, get out there and TRY it!

Hope to see you on the water!