Project Description

A VHF radio is a must-have for any ocean-going boat. We mounted a Standard Horizon VHF Intrepid LE 25 watt radio (now discontinued) on the dash. For emergencies, we bought an Apelco 510 5w handheld (an old division of Raymarine, now long-gone).

When we launched TB2, we had a Shakespeare 5241R 3′ whip antenna mounted on the console. We selected the short antenna to minimize interference with our fly-casting, but as we soon discovered it was not a good choice for our application.

The Intrepid LE is JIS-7 rated, and features DSC and a GPS interface. We hooked the radio up to our handheld Lowrance Global 100 GPS using the jumper blocks, and ran the power through our add-on fuse panel.

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