Project Description

To keep our three batteries in tip-top shape, we added a Guest 2632 on-board battery charger (no longer made). Connected to a covered external electrical receptacle, we just have to plug the boat in after a trip. The topic of properly charging and maintaining batteries will be covered later. Suffice to say that the Guest charging is essential.

This is the view of the back-side of the front of the console. The console of the EW 175CC tilts forward to gain access, which is why the picture is tilted.

Other things to note:

  • Jumper blocks (to left of the charger) are used as a patch panel for communications between devices such as the GPS, radio, and Sonar unit.
  • Fuse block on the right was an add-on to control power to the additional electronics. GPS, radio, trim tabs, and horn (basically things not going through the front switch panel)

While not part of our original requirements, this turned out to be a great addition.

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