This is part II in our SLAGIATT series (what does SLAGIATT mean? See Part I). Part I covered things that were really out of whack when we launched the boat, and needed to be addressed immediately.

In this segment we cover things that worked out OK (in fact, several of them are still in the boat), but could be improved… And probably will be improved sooner or later…

Part III will go over things we’ve added to the boat over and above what we had at first launch.

Igloo® 25 Quart Marine Coolers as Jump Seats

SLAGIATT-Igloo coolers as seats

An Igloo® 25 quart Marine cooler fit neatly into the port and starboard stern corners of the cockpit.

This works…

They’re about the right height to act as a seat, and work great as coolers or semi-dry storage (the lids have no gaskets or latches, so they’re not water-tight).

We initially thought the tie-down straps would be a problem, but they’ve worked out fine. We’ve replaced a couple of the brackets over the last 15 years, but they’re plastic, so that was expected.

But has some issues…

The Igloo® cooler lids are not as stiff as we’d like. They don’t like being stood on, especially when it’s hot. The tops compress and bend slightly, and after 15 years, the lids are starting to crack along a couple of the grooves in the non-skid pattern.

To make it better:

We are considering getting some custom cushions made with 1/2 inch plywood bases. These would be attached to the cooler lids, and stiffen them, as well as being more comfortable to sit on.

A backrest cushion on the transom would also be nice. We noticed that the factory jump seat have such a cushion.

Igloo® 110 Quart Marine Cooler as Casting Deck Extension

An Igloo® 110 qt cooler fit almost exactly into the space between the console seat and the front casting platform

This works…

The Igloo 110 quart ice chest fits almost exactly between the front casting deck and the console seat. This lets us use it as a both a fishbox and an extension of the casting platform

But has some issues…

See above comment regarding the durability of the lids. Otherwise, it’s working well as a front deck extension.

From the fishbox perspective, it’s done a good job of keeping fish cold, but it turns out we could probably use another 6 – 18 inches of length for those larger tuna, wahoo, and mahi-mahi. I guess that’s a good problem to have, though…

We could fix it if…

Well…we’re not 100% sure what we will do yet. A cushion would look OK, but would not be that functional, as this area is more intended as a step-on area, rather than a sitting area. A piece of 1/2 inch textured Starboard might be a better choice.

As far as the length goes, we have yet to find the right replacement for the ice chest. One thought would be to use a white insulated deck box instead.